Computer process management:

System after general optimization (is closed system unnecessary


Error format

Users in the system after the collapse, and then will be hard disk formatting and reinstall the system, this kind of situation usually also can restore. There are users loading system, with a floppy disk or CD start to DOS, then FORMAT C: formatting after the restart, but into the WINDOWS of the screen, found that D plate things are lost. Why will appear this kind of reason? The reason is C area using the NTFS file system, with the DOS boot cannot read or write NTFS partition file, the original D area becomes C area, so format C area took D area to false formatted.

PQ adjustment partition mistakes

Computer use after period of time, suddenly found himself a partition of disk space is not enough, or need converts FAT partition into NTFS partition, or will be NTFS partition into FAT partition, PQ (PQ Magic) in does not destroy data will be able to conduct of the operation, in the middle of the conversion for some reason (such as blackouts, bad fan, etc.) was not completed, restart it found some partition can't open, a question mark filename, file is missing, diamond electronic data recovery center can find your data!

False cloning

In GHOST reduction a partition, took a partition backup reduction to another partition, or will be a partition backup reduction to the whole plate, appear this kind of circumstance after diamond electronic data recovery center can also help you retrieve a data.virus

There are many data suddenly lost, partition lost, file can't open, etc., most is caused by destruction of the virus, appear this kind of circumstance most also can restore.

Circuit board damage

Due to external power supply circuit problems, or hard disk power failure, or itself circuit board quality problem, cause circuit board burn out, chip breakdown, etc, this kind of circumstance recovery is relatively easy, but some circuit boards BIOS chip burn out, repair, difficulty is great even can't recover. This kind of situation mostly performance: power on later, medium without any reaction, the motor no rotation, or have obvious burn mark.

Often face computer how to protect 

Eye protection is now white-collar and some workers and students is an

Commonly used computer of

Methods: shift + 6 (the Lord the keyboard of 6, is Y key to up the 6), the

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Often face computer how to protect the eyes? Eye protection is now white-collar and some workers and students is ...